to order a set-

Click on an image to get a closer look at standard wood choices,

shown here in 700c x 35mm size

Actual colors may vary,

prices shown reflect standard size choices

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Please view the above photos to get an idea of some of the different colors and textures.

Please see the “wood choice faq” page if you have trouble deciding

If you don’t see the wood you want, please ask - I can make fenders out of any species available.

More exotic woods may cost more, and may take longer to produce.

Polka-dot and other inlayed patterns cost more than standard sets.

The unique colors of each different type of wood are natural to the wood species. No dyes or stains are used.

Because of natural variation in wood colors, the actual set  you receive may not match perfectly, the pictured set.


    Sykes Fenders are made to match your bike.

    The possible fender sizes are broken down to diameter, and width combinations.

     Wheel diameter            


     27 inch (700c)

     26 inch (650c)

     24 inch

     20 inch (406 and 451)

     16 inch

      These sizes are based on bike industry sizes for wheels. The actual outside diameter of the tire is the most

      important measurement for sizing fenders. If your bike has very fat tires, you may need to order larger diameter fenders.



     28mm (about 1-1/8 inches)       

     35mm (about 1-3/8 inches)      

     40mm (about 1-1/2 inches)      

     50mm (about 2 inches)

     60mm (about 2 3/8 inches) 

     Fender width should be as wide, or slightly wider than your tires.         

Tail flaps

       Optional plastic flaps can be added for no extra cost

      There are three shapes to choose from.

      They are removable and replaceable.

       Please specify flap style when ordering -

       default fenders have no flaps.


Specify your bike’s diameter / width combination when ordering:

For example:             A common road bike combination would be 700c/700c x 28mm

                               A common trike combination would be 20”/20”/20” x 40mm

                               A common Easy Racer Recumbent combinations is 20”/700c x 35mm

                                         A common cargo bike combination is 26”/20” x 50mm


A standard set of front and rear fenders is $150.

Sykes Wood Water Bottle Cages are $65.

Sykes Wooden Eyelets are $15 per pair.

Recycled Skateboard fenders start at $200 per pair.

Inlayed patterns such as polka-dots, or stripes cost $200 per pair.

Trike fenders start at $225 per set - certain brands require specialized hardware.

29ers are $175

Pugsley, Moonlander, Mukluk, and other “extreme” mountain bike sets are $225

Exotic, oversized, and custom orders will be priced per order.

Brackets, struts, and tail flaps are included.

Shipping is not included.

Other considerations

When ordering fenders it will help to know a few other important details.

What kind of bike is it?

What kind of brakes - cantilever, disk, short reach caliper, long reach caliper, none...?

Is there space between the tire and the frame?

Are there mounting eyelets?

The “will they fit my bike?” page helps to explain.

         flair                            feather              wrap around

Currently, if you want to want to order my fenders, you will have to contact me directly. You can click on the e-mail link below. I have PayPal account to which I can receive payment. Once an order is finalized, I will send you a money request via


You may also visit one of the retailers that sell Sykes Wooden Bicycle Fenders.

Abbotsford Cycles - Melbourne, Australia

Aspire Velotech - online

Angle Lake Cyclery - Seattle

Angletech - Colorado Springs, CO

Bike Ride -  Hobart, Tasmania

Circles  -  Nagoya, Japan

Joe Bike -  Portland, OR

Lola Bikes & Coffee - The Hague, Netherlands

Mosquito Bikes - London

Terracyle - online

The Spaceframe - Bangkok, Thailand

Veloce Bicycles -  Portland, OR

Veloce Velo -  Mercer Island, WA

If you are a bike retailer, please feel free to contact me about adding Sykes Wooden Bicycle Fenders to  your line.

white oak $150

cherry $150

amber bamboo $150

mahogany $150

fiddleback maple $175

zebrawood $175

douglas fir $150

blond bamboo $150

walnut $150

MapleXO recycled skateboard $200

wooden water bottle cageswood_water_bottle_cages.html
wooden eyeletssykes_wooden_eyelets.html

bob tail fenders